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Fastest Paying Online Casinos in the USA

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Players on the lookout for top tips to find the swiftest way to turn online casino winnings into payouts have come to the right place. Read on to learn more about getting the fastest online casino payouts in the USA.

Fast Online Casino Payouts in the USA - Overview

Playing slot machines online is increasingly popular in the USA, and a major part of picking the optimal site is finding a trustworthy online casino with speedy payouts. Whether you're playing online in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or anywhere else in the country, the last thing you want having done the hard work and finished ahead is to have casino withdrawal problems. That's why here at we've put together the most helpful advice for players who win real money online instantly to quickly transfer such winnings into their bank account from the highest payout online casinos. After all, finishing ahead but being unable to withdraw is about as much fun as buying a fast car and suffering an ignition failure.

Choosing a Safe and Secure Casino

Finding the top sites includes getting the online casino payout methods that work, and work quickly. But there are other factors for American casinos, and here are some of those that we consider when assessing the various betting sites.

  • Official Licensing - All the leading sites have a solid licensing arrangement, whether that's from the USA itself or international leading regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. This matters because strong licensing is indicative of a trustworthy site that pays out promptly.
  • Regulated by a Third Party - Many of the foremost sites also come with the seal of approval of third party regulators and auditors such as eCOGRA that ensure games are run fairly, and can run as mediators in the event of disputes.
  • Strong Customer Protection - The data of online bettors is important, and none of the top online casinos that payout will sell your data or otherwise use it for nefarious purposes. A site that plays fast and loose with your info isn't worth your time.
  • Due Diligence - It may sound a bit dry but the finest establishments don't mess about cutting corners, and adherence to the most robust procedures means payments are faster because banks don't run extra checks due to dubious behavior on the part of the online casino when payouts happen.

Making Withdrawals with Cryptocurrency - Anonymity and Speed

Fastest Casino Payouts USA

Players from the USA have specific types of online casino payout methods they can choose from, which belong to different categories. One of the up and coming methods that is available at more and more casinos is cryptocurrency, with options including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among others. But is it the right method for you?

  • High Speed - Cryptocurrency is quick for both deposits and withdrawals, so if you're a player with a need for speed this option may be right for you. To get specific, both withdrawals and deposits should be instant, with any delay being a matter of minutes or perhaps hours at most due to casino processing.
  • Anonymity - Keeping personal data secure is something many players worry about, and that makes the anonymity of cryptocurrencies one of their selling points as an online casino payout method.
  • Volatility - Not so much a pro or con as a neutral aspect, cryptocurrency tends to be more volatile than traditional cash. In the best-case scenario this could make your online casino payouts even more profitable, but keep an eye on the markets because it can cut the other way.

Best E-Wallet Online Casino Payout Options

Another of the swiftest and online casino payout options for players are e-wallets. Here's a selection that might tickle your fancy.

  • PayPal - Popular with offshore casinos that accept players, PayPal is one of the biggest e-wallets in the world offering speedy and secure deposits and swift withdrawals. A period of absence from the betting world means it's not the best in terms of availability compared to some rivals, but it's still plenty fast. Withdrawals can happen within a couple of hours, or at worst, in one or two days depending on the casino's own processing time.
  • ecoPayz - Very widely available for players and a payout method just as quick, ecoPayz blends the advantages of accessibility and speed to make it one of the best e-wallet options for players from the USA. Payouts can take one to a few days, with casino processing on top of that.
  • Neteller - For deposits so fast they're practically instant and very quick online casino payouts too, Neteller is another of the leading options available for players and perhaps even more widely accessible than ecoPayz. Similar to other e-wallets, payouts take perhaps two to three days in total (combined casino and system processing).

Visa, MasterCard and American Express vs Prepaid Cards

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are ubiquitous online casino payout options for players from the USA. But they're not the only cards in town, with prepaid cards offering quick deposits almost everywhere.

  • Withdrawal Times - Credit/debit cards aren't the speediest option for online casino payouts for players but you can get them within 3-5 working days or thereabouts. American players who deposit with a prepaid card will usually need to receive online casino payouts using another method such as wire transfers and, as we discuss below, even credit cards are swifter than this. Overall, credit/debit cards are clearly the best for casino withdrawals.
  • Difficulty Withdrawing - It is technically possible for withdrawals to occur via prepaid card systems but this is rarely available at casinos, and this is a major strike against prepaid cards being the best option.
  • Deposit Times - The prepaid card depositing time varies according to the site but can be as little as 10 minutes, with the credit and debit cards just as rapid. On this count, they're tied.

Slowest Withdrawal Options for American Casino Players

Naturally, most players from the USA consider the most rapid method to be the top choice, but that may not necessarily be the case. Here are some options for withdrawals that aren't the swiftest, but may be right for your particular needs.

  • Bank Wire - Bank wires are not the fastest option. They're probably the slowest electronic way you can withdraw money from a casino. But they might be the best option if you're playing with massive sums because of the impeccable security credentials of this old-fashioned method. A bank wire can take up to seven business days to withdraw, or 10 at the slowest sites.
  • Cashier's Check - Yes, you read right. Some casinos do offer withdrawals via cashier's check. As you might expect this is far from the fastest method and most would not consider it the optimal choice, but it is an option. The withdrawal time depends on where you live, among other factors.
  • eCheck - The more up to date (and quicker) version of the cashier's check, the eCheck is past its prime but still offered as an online casino payout option at some of the best USA sites. It's quicker than the paper alternative at three to five days to withdraw.

5 Tips for Fast Processing

Don't underestimate player agency when it comes to the best outcomes and prompt payouts. Players from the USA can take steps to help make the process faster, as we outline below.

  1. Avoid Weekends - This might sound daft but most casinos don't count the weekend for processing online casino payouts. If you want to pick the best time to withdraw, stick to business days of the week and you'll get your money sooner.
  2. Prepare Documents - Presenting certain documentation to confirm personal details and identity is a chore but it can be done more rapidly if you have the right paperwork with you. The simplest way is to already have eligible documents scanned and ready to submit, or better yet, send them prior to requesting a withdrawal.
  3. Deposit First - Many casinos generally want players to deposit before payouts occur, to help combat money laundering. The swiftest way to get your hands on your money is to make a deposit long before you have to, even if using the best online casino no deposit bonuses, and going through any paperwork at the time. That way, the withdrawals happen fast when you need them.
  4. Pick a Quick Method - Every player has to pick a payout option, deciding for themselves which they like the most. Opting for a speedy choice means you have less time waiting around. The sooner the money's in your account, the sooner you can use it as you like.
  5. Pick a Quick Casino - Similarly, USA casinos, whether onshore or offshore, can be quick or slow, and when considering which is best make sure to check how speedy the payouts are.

USA Online Casino Payout FAQs

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Players eager for the fastest online casino payout options often have certain queries, and we've answered some of the most frequent ones below.

  • How long does it take to approve a withdrawal? How quick you get money using an online casino payout option depends on how quick the method is, whether there are any intermediary steps (a second withdrawal from an e-wallet) and how quick the casino approves your withdrawal. The leading sites will do so very swiftly (a day or less) whereas the slower ones may take a few days.
  • What is 'know your customer'? Know Your Customer (or KYC) is an anti-money laundering measure many United States based, and other casinos have adopted. It's to help prevent crime and involves the collection of certain personal data to help guarantee players are who they claim to be. It's simply part of due diligence, relatively fast, and for the best because it's there to fight crime.
  • What documentation is required? The top casinos accept a range of personal documents, including ID cards, if applicable, passports, or driving licenses. These are the easiest ways to prove your identity, while utility bills are the fastest way to prove residence.

The best online casino payout options for players are fast and secure, and there's a good range of them from cards to e-wallets. Whether playing from home or at a café, remember to only play slots and roulette at USA casinos you trust, with good licensing arrangements.